3 Reasons Why ULIPs & Endowment Insurance Plans Suck

Investment vs Insurance

Insurance and investment simply don’t mix. Life insurance has absolutely nothing to do with investment. Its only objective is to compensate the loss of income arising out of the death of the breadwinner of a family. If he/she survives the term of the policy, the life insurance policy offers no benefit. They claim they will […]

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ULIPs vs Mutual Funds – Where Should I Invest?

ULIPs vs Mutual funds

Unit Linked Insurance Policies (ULIPs) are aggressively promoted as a great combination of investment and insurance by salesmen who make hefty commissions. This is the only reason why they are pushed so hard and also find so many buyers. While they may appear similar to Mutual Funds – they also have Units that have daily […]

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How To Make Compounding Work For You, Why Invest Early In Mutual Funds

compounding in mutual funds

Compounding growth is a fantastic thing when it comes to mutual funds and investments; but it can be found everywhere! You and I started as embryos but we are finally here because those embryonic cell grew at rapid pace! Behind all life forms there is a simple math. This math has compounding at its core. […]

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