8 Secrets Of Long Term Investing

8 secrets of long term investing

Almost everybody agrees with long term investing. It is a no brainer. What do you think? If it is so obvious, how many of us are really long-term investors? How many “long term” investors have actually made decent money by being long-term investors? 1. What is long term investing Thanks to our tax laws, a vast […]

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Six Tips for Investing in Tax Saving ELSS Mutual Funds

tax saving mutual funds

We all love to save tax. Don’t we? There are many tax-saving products that help us save tax. PPF, NSC, Bank Fixed Deposits, Life Insurance policies are some examples of such tax-saving products. ELSS or Equity-linked Savings scheme, or simply Tax Saving Mutual Funds, are an excellent avenue, not just for saving tax, but also […]

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How to Invest Directly in Mutual Funds & The Leaky Buckets Syndrome

leaky bucket story in mutual funds

This is a frequently asked question. Before dismissing it as a trivial thing, it is important to understand why this question comes up. The question is often asked by people who are familiar with investing, mutual funds but somehow have been lulled into complacence by the ‘financial industry’. By the time they ask, it is […]

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Beware of the Advisor ‘Alpha’

mutual fund alpha advisors

Investment advisor Investment advisor often claim that they are an Alpha, a fancy word that simply means the extra returns they can give you buy making you invest in various mutual funds and other financial products. But often the alpha might stand for that alpha wolf waiting to pounce on the next gullible investor. As […]

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Savings Bank Accounts are like Working Desks, not Piggy Banks

piggy banking

Most people think that banks are where you should keep your money. And where else, other than a savings accounts. But they are wrong! A savings account is like a working desk where papers and files come, get handled and moved out. You do not keep storing files and papers on a working desk! When it […]

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Direct Mutual Funds Give An Extra Edge To Grow Your Money

advantages of direct mutual funds

The Hindu Business Line recently had an interesting article on Direct Mutual Funds that you can read here. They studied over 632 mutual fund schemes across classes (equity, debt, hybrid), for their returns since January 2013 and found this! Summary of the article on Direct Mutual Funds 1. Direct plans are outperforming regular plans in […]

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Ten Key Points Of Retirement Planning In The Mutual Fund Way

tips to retire well

Retirement Planning is my favorite personal finance topic. Why not? It is the mother of all financial goals. If you have sorted out your retirement goal by investing in a well diversified portfolio of direct mutual funds, then technically speaking you do not have to ‘work’ for the rest of your life. Not that you […]

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