Are Free Direct Mutual Fund Platforms For Real?


If you are in the know of things, you might have switched your mutual fund portfolios from regular plans to direct plans by now. If not, you must do an internet search or check this article “direct plans vs regular Plans” to understand how you have been a victim of so-called “Free” platforms providing regular […]

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What Must The India Investor Do, As Of February 2019


The Indian political economy is undergoing turbulent times. Two major events in the last month are significant. How does an India investor measure the impact of recent events (budget, Kashmir) on one’s investment strategy? Is it a good time to wait out and see how the developments evolve, or should one invest aggressively? Budget 2019 The first […]

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Stock Market vs Mutual funds : Returns And Risk Of Equity Investment

stock market vs mutual funds

Many investors shun equity completely to avoid risk. All who do so run the risk of having their returns eaten up almost entirely by inflation. Equity investment does come with risk, with high short-term volatility, but no one should invest in the stock market for the short-term and no one have good knowledge on stock […]

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Evaluating NPS as an Investment option

Is NPS is the best option for you

In this post, we will evaluate whether the National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a good investment option and if it can help us meet our various investment goals. What is the National Pension Scheme (NPS)? NPS stands for National Pension Scheme. Thus, at the core, it is a pension scheme. In other words, it attempts […]

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3 Implications Of The Correction – But Are You Ready To Take Advantage?

Are you ready to take an advantage of a Correction

Today the equity markets are in apparent free fall. Many stocks have fallen by more than 20% and the Nifty index itself has fallen by about 7% in just 3 days. Technically a correction is one, wherein the markets fall by at least 10%. Whether your investment in regular plans of mutual funds or mutual […]

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