DHFL Default – Are Your Debt Fund Investments Impacted?


One of the Non-Banking Finance Companies, Dewan Housing Finance Limited (DHFL) recently defaulted on its interest payments. This has caused an uproar because many Mutual Fund houses have invested in DHFL’s bonds. Naturally many MF investors are worried about what happens to their investments. I am enclosing three information items that might help you navigate […]

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When “FREE” Backfires! Busting TWO Common Myths on Mutual Fund Platforms


Let me come straight to the point. Investors of Mutual Fund are being increasingly misled on FREE offerings that leads to a massive rip off on their wealth. In Hindi they say “Lene ke Dene” (ie instead of taking, you end up giving away much more!). Here are two myths about FREE that we need […]

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7 Reasons Why Annuities Are Not Your Best Friend


It is often presented that for creating an income stream, annuities are a great option. They are supposed to work well especially during the retirement years when ‘active’ income dries up. We find out if this is indeed the case, or if there are more efficient ways to get things done. We also compare annuity […]

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Stock Market vs Mutual funds : Returns And Risk Of Equity Investment

stock market vs mutual funds

Many investors shun equity completely to avoid risk. All who do so run the risk of having their returns eaten up almost entirely by inflation. Equity investment does come with risk, with high short-term volatility, but no one should invest in the stock market for the short-term and no one have good knowledge on stock […]

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Evaluating NPS as an Investment option

Is NPS is the best option for you

In this post, we will evaluate whether the National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a good investment option and if it can help us meet our various investment goals. What is the National Pension Scheme (NPS)? NPS stands for National Pension Scheme. Thus, at the core, it is a pension scheme. In other words, it attempts […]

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