7 Reasons Why Annuities Are Not Your Best Friend

It is often presented that for creating an income stream, annuities are a great option. They are supposed to work well especially during the retirement years when ‘active’ income dries up. We find out if this is indeed the case, or if there are more efficient ways to get things done. We also compare annuity […]

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Stock Market vs Mutual funds : Returns And Risk Of Equity Investment

stock market vs mutual funds

Many investors shun equity completely to avoid risk. All who do so run the risk of having their returns eaten up almost entirely by inflation. Equity investment does come with risk, with high short-term volatility, but no one should invest in the stock market for the short-term and no one have good knowledge on stock […]

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3 Reasons Why Investing In Direct Mutual Funds Is Smarter than ULIPs

I am often asked this question, isn’t investing in ULIPs smarter there are lower taxes and there is also life insurance cover? The short answer is that a Unit Linked Insurance Plan is not a great option when it comes to building wealth. Here are 3 Reasons, read on for more to see the “proof”: Commissions that […]

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3 Things Common To Roller Coasters & Equity Funds

Stock Market Volatality

We do not have many theme parks in India. Thus, many of us have not really experienced a “roller coaster ride”. Well, the stock market more than compensates for it! As the indices have grown, the psychological impact of the dips and highs has become larger. Today, a fall of 230 points in the BSE […]

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