Personalising Your Investments

  • Can Jama be personalised so that it works for my requirements and profile?
    Yes Jama can help you guide on which funds to invest in based on your personal risk profile. It can also alert you on when is a good time to invest more. Further we can also alert you on when is NOT a good time to invest or even switch out of equity markets. We do not get paid based on the investments you make via commissions. Hence the advice is unbiased.

    For an even higher level of personalisation and direct access to our SEBI Registered Advisors, we have a Platinum plan for HNIs.
  • How do you assess my risk profile?
    We ask you a set of questions to understand your understanding of investment products, past behavior, preferences, income and spending levels etc to arrive at a score. This scientifically puts you in one of the five categories of investors. This categorization helps us recommend a set of funds for you. We also suggest an overall asset allocation i.e. advice on how much to invest in equity vs debt funds (higher risk/return vs lower risk/return) that is specific to you.
  • How do you know when is a good time to buy more?
    Our research team studies the markets and forms a view on if there are prospects to generate good returns. The equity markets are studied for the Price to Earning Multiple levels of various key stocks. Similarly the debt markets are studied for various macro economic indicators such as interest rates, inflation and GDP growth. Based on these you get a three level indicator (red/yellow/green) to guide you on increasing or decreasing the pace of investments.

    For instance when equity markets are overheated, it is prudent to shift more investments to liquid or debt funds.
    \overall, one should stick to an ideal asset allocation ratio and continue to save money into equity and/or debt funds. SIPs should in general continue as they are for long term goals.
  • How do you pick funds for me?
    Based on your risk profile, we get an overall idea of the combination of mutual funds that would be ideal for you. For a person desiring higher returns and willing to take a higher risk, there are specialised categories of funds such as midcap funds that are selected. For a highly conservative investors, a subset of debt funds that invest in high credit rated funds is recommended.
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