Importing Outside Folios

  • How to import my outside holdings to Jama?
    To import your holdings to Jama, you just have to tap the Auto Generate Portfolio in the application. You will be then asked to confirm the email id to which the consolidated account statement (CAS) will be sent. You can select the default email id entered while registering, or enter a different email id.

    The CAS pdf will be emailed to the email id of your choice. You can then have to forward the pdf to help@jama.co.in

    Our system will then generate your portfolio. If you hold any 'Regular plan' funds you can see the savings that you can make by switching to direct funds. You can place a switch order instantly by tapping on the Switch button shown against each fund.
  • I have not received the consolidated statement pdf
    The Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) pdf takes some time to generate as there is a manual step involved with the Registrar. Please be patient and write to use at help@jama.co.in in case it does not reach you even after 24 hours.
  • Why don?t you automatically read my email to get the Consolidated Account Statement?
    A lot of people have concerns on giving access to their email. Emails contain a lot of private date and hence people are not comfortable.

    If a lot of our users ask for this feature we can easily implement this but ensure that we only read emails related to Mutual Fund systems and ignore everything else.
  • Why should I forward a mail?
    The email is sent directly to you to ensure privacy of your investment data. You would not wish your consolidated account statement to be received by any other person.

    o better avail the services of a platform like Jama and to track all your investments in one place. Once you forward the statement to help@jama.co.in then it is processed by our system and your portfolio is loaded. You an place switch orders and enjoy the benefits of direct mutual funds (0% commission).
  • Can I add a folio to my portfolio manually?
    Yes, you can tap on the Plus or Add button shown in the Outside Portfolio. Enter the folio number (exactly as per the MF statement) and the unit balance.

    You are now ready to switch this folio to direct.
  • Can I track my PPF, EPF and Stocks also in Jama?
    We will soon add support for tracking all other investments in Jama
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